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October - We Swim Proud - Issue #54

In the We Swim Proud issue:  

  • We Swim Proud: The LGBTQ+ experience of swimming outdoors 
  • Autumn Adventures: The best places to wild swim this autumn 
  • Crowning Glory: Courtney Paulk’s historic Double Triple Crown 
  • Cassie Patten: What is the best style front crawl stroke for the open water? 
  • Access All Areas: The problem of making lidos more accessible to disabled swimmers 


  • Drills & Practice: How to structure your training to best improve your swimming  
  • Witch’s Brew: The spooky history of witchcraft and swimming 
  • Unlost: Finding yourself in the wild outdoors 
  • Chilly Challenges: All you need to know about winter swimming challenges 
  • Pool Page: An easy to follow session for some good old fashioned distance 
  • Event Reviews: Breca Swimrun Jersey and Scilly Swim Challenge 
  • Sauna Culture: Embrace the löyly with a cold water swim followed by a traditional sauna  
  • Night Swimming: The thrill of a swim on the dark side 

In this issue, we are putting the ‘out’ in outdoor swimming and speaking to LGBTQ+ swimmers about their acceptance in the outdoor community. Throughout this issue, we meet some wonderful humans who are helping make outdoor swimming, and the outdoors in general, a more diverse community: the lido volunteers working towards making their pools more accessible to disabled swimmers; the transgender swimmer swimming every day of the year; and the writer aiming to get more women accessing the outdoors. 

Another incredible human achieving amazing things is Courtney Paulk. We speak to the American swimmer who has just become the first person to complete the Double Triple Crown – two-way crossings of each of the Triple Crown swims!  

Elsewhere in the magazine, we look at winter challenges, find out the best places for autumn dips, explore sauna culture in the UK, learn how drills and practice can make you a better swimmer, take a dip on the dark side and find out what the best freestyle stroke-style is for open water.  

We hope you enjoy the issue. 

Jonathan Cowie, Editor

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