HydraMate Foldable Bottle. Collapsible 750ml

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Refill and Reuse this BPA FREE collapsible water bottle
Fill it up with water, juice or a whole bottle of wine if you like! It’s BPA FREE which makes it safe to use over and over again.

Holds 750ml / 26oz. This is a BIG one! Loads of water to keep you hydrated. But you don’t have to fill it all the way up. You can even FREEZE it and have ice cold water.

Handy Viewing Window.
So you can easily see how much water you have left. There’s also a clear base so you can see what’s going on inside.

Strong, easy to use sports cap with hygienic cap.
Pull up to open, push down to close. Or simply just twist the lid off like a normal screw cap bottle.
Use the strong, clear plastic cap to keep the drinking spout clean. If you prefer another style lid you can easily swap it over.

6cm carabiner.
Clips to your bag or belt keeping your water handy at all times.

Folds down flat when it’s empty.
Collapsible to a mere 25g when it’s empty you won’t even notice you have HydraMate with you.
Keep it flat or roll it up and put it in your bag or pocket, the choice is yours.

Perfect for travelling.
Take it through security at the airport and refill it at the other side. We road tested HydraMate for months throughout India and Central America. It will last you your whole journey and more.

Easy to clean.
Simply put it in the dishwasher or rinse it out with a bit of washing up liquid and warm water.

FREE bottle opener.
We know you probably don’t want to drink water all the time. Attach this to your keyring for those refreshing beer and bottle moments.

Minimise your impact on the environment.
Stop buying one use plastic bottles and travel the world promoting refills.

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