HydraMate Female Funnel

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No more squatting, hovering or splashing.

The HydraMate Funnel lets women pee standing up into a toilet, urinal, bottle or bush. 

It's lightweight (21g) and fits into your pocket or the re-sealable storage bag it comes in. It's flat packed for storage, so before using put it in hot water so it can regain it's proper shape.

Perfect for travelling, festivals, hiking, camping and adventures. Or simply keep it in the car for emergencies. 

It's made from a sturdy yet flexible rubber so won't collapse in your hand when you're using it like many lightweight silicone funnels.

Easy to use by simply holding firmly against your body. 

We've tested loads of designs and found this is the perfect combination of lightweight and stability.

We suggest you practice using it a few times at home before going out in the wild. You'll probably enjoy using it so much you won't want to sit down to pee again!

To clean, just give it a rinse out with hot soapy water.

It's not recommend for women who have bladder control challenges.