Silicone Face Mask Extender x 2

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A pack of 2 silicone face mask extenders.

What is it for?
Take the pressure off your ears on long day wearing a mask. 
Great for people with hearing aids or oxygen tubes.

How to use it
Attach it to your SwimCell face mask with the elastic.
Use the toggles to hold it in place.
It can also be used without a toggle.
Just hoop the elastic around the holder into the grooves and resistance will hold it in place.

What size is it?
18 cm x 2 cm 0.3 cm
Weight just 10g each
Cut to size if needed.
Largest extension setting 15cm 
Smallest extension setting 7.5cm

How to clean it.
Easy! Wash with hot soapy water.

How strong is it?
We tried stretching it to see if it would snap but it wouldn't!
That's how strong it is!