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The ElectroLite Taster Pack contains all both of our delicious ElectroLite flavours, including 2x of both : refreshing ElectroLite and rehydrating Lemonbalm ElectroLite+ all contained within an Active Root 500 or 750ml bottle. 


Lemonbalm ElectroLite+. Superior hydration for when you need it most! Lemonbalm ElectroLite+ contains twice the amount of sea salt (800mg) as standard ElectroLite, so it’s perfect for those sessions where you’re going to sweat and need to rehydrate on the go. Lemonbalm is also PH neutral, tastes delicious and masks the salty taste often found with rehydration drinks.

Original Ginger ElectroLite+. A healthier hydration source for an active lifestyle. Containing root ginger, unrefined sea salt and just 33 calories, ElectroLite delivers healthier hydration as well as reducing nausea and bloating.

As with all our nutrition,  ElectroLite contains the optimum amount of ginger to keep your stomach settled whilst also delivering natural hydration and delicious taste. Find out more by clicking on the icons below:  

Per 500ml drink:

Balance: 204mg of Ginger

Fuel: 8g of Cane Sugar

Hydrate: 800mg of Sea Salt


ElectroLite Taster Kit 

Contains: 2x Lemonbalm ElectroLite+ sachets, 2x ElectroLite sachets, 1x 750 or 500ml Sports Bottle. 


Depending on strength, each sachet makes 500-700ml of sports drink. Simply pour your sachet into 500-700ml of water and shake, adjusting amount of water to taste. 


Cane sugar blend, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Ginger Root Extract, (Lemonbalm Extract in ElectroLite+), Stevia (natural sweetener)

Please note, due to the natural ingredients in Active Root it is perfectly normal to find occasional small dark sugar molasses and particles of ginger fibre. When shaken the particles will mostly dissolve into your drink.

Nutritional Information

Per 500ml Serving

Per 100g Dry

Energy (KJ/kcal)



Protein (g)



Carbohydrate (g)



of which sugars



Salt (g)



Fat (g)



of which saturates



Fibre (g)




Allergy Information

There are no nuts in this recipe and the product is packed in a nut free environment, however we cannot guarantee that nuts are not handled by staff or visitors on the factory premises.

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