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Navy Change Swim Bag - a swimmer's must-have item!

Stand on it whilst you get changed, and it turns into a carry bag for all your wet swim kit after your swim. It will also keep your clothes safe and dry whilst you swim. An added insulating strip protects your feet from the cold, but also from dirt, mud, gravel, or sand.

You can even slip your hot water bottle in it to get your clothes toasty warm for when you come out of the water.

There is also a small zip-up pocket inside, perfect for keys or your phone whilst you are in the water. The zip grip is big so you can handle it even with cold hands. Same for the draw clips to open and close the bag.

The material is easy to clean or wipe down and the insulating layer is open at one end to make sure it is easy to clean and dry too.

A must-have item for all swimmers.