Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 20L.

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Are you looking for an awesome multipurpose waterproof dry bag that can also be a backpack? Look no further than this 20 Litre SwimCell roll down bag with 2 detachable straps. It’s a great solution for all your adventures.

High Quality
Made from durable 500D PVC it’s soft to touch but strong to use.
Heat welded, reinforced strap attachments.
Loops for attaching carabiners or padlock.
Total weight 500g including the straps.

100% Waterproof
It’s 100% waterproof against heavy rain, splashes and quick submersion.
As with all dry bags, don’t submerse it under water for long.

Waterproof Backpack or Shoulder Bag
This bag can be worn with 2 adjustable straps as a waterproof backpack.
Or with one strap across your chest or over your shoulder.
Or simply carried in your hand.
You can strap it to your kayak, canoe or SUP.

Large Internal Pocket 30cm x 37cm
We know it can be really hard to find your keys in the bottom of a dry bag, so we’ve added a large, bright internal pocket to keep your phone, keys and valuables safe and easy to find. 

Use for Wet or Dry
This bag will keep wet things wet and dry things dry.
It’s perfect for storing your wet swim gear or rain gear or for keeping your clothes dry when you’re on the beach.

How to use
It’s easy to use by
1) simply pushing the air out 
2) Rolling down 3-4 times and clipping the buckle together.
Don’t worry, the bag comes with full instructions.

It’s Part of a Range
This bag pairs up perfectly with our SwimCell 100% Waterproof Phone Case and our SwimCell Beach Socks. So have a browse through our shop and get yourself kitted out for your adventures.