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November - Here Comes Winter #55

Winter is coming! And although I am looking forward to colder temperatures and breaking the ice, I have been making the most of the last days of autumn and some wonderful swimming spots in the UK. We are blessed with amazing landscapes and swimming opportunities in this country – assistant editor Luke Chamberlain visited Devon for a wild swimming and running retreat. Will the staycation endure next year? SwimTrek’s Simon Murie looks to the future and tries not to make too many predictions!

Elsewhere in the magazine, we look back at some epic swims from 2021, including André Wiersig’s Heligoland swim and Elizabeth Beisel’s Block Island swim. And we also examine the cost of marathon swimming and ask if you need to be rich to be a successful long-distance swimmer.

As we get ready for winter dips, Ella Foote investigates whether your choice of hot drink affects your recovery after a cold swim and we celebrate the return of international winter swimming contests.
We hope you enjoy the issue.

Jonathan Cowie